Mayo Health System

”The Business Development department at the Mayo Health System in LaCrosse had participated in an Employee Satisfaction Survey. One of the areas of improvement that staff identified was to address stress issues and to help balance work and home lives and still have energy at the end of the day. For this extremely busy and high-profile workgroup, this felt like a daunting goal, and I as their manager felt that professional assistance was called for. Ms. Delene had already presented the principles of spiritual wellness and feng shui to the workgroup as part of its holiday celebrations and had been invited to return as a keynote speaker to the department annual retreat. The group had liked her so well that we decided to pilot a twice-a-month regular session with Ms. Delene’s program for a year. In addition to breathing techniques, she is helping staff with movement, visioning, mapping, and many other skills. Staff have found this additional training to be helpful, inspirational, and energizing. One person commented that she mostly appreciated her personal presence. It is my own belief that people need ongoing support and encouragement, and that good intention get lost in the hectic world in which we live. That is what Ms. Delene brings to us. Her professionalism, combined with advanced knowledge in this area, and her agreeable, non-judgmental, entertaining instructional style, have greatly added to the wellbeing of my staff members, and to me personally. We have learned so much. I would highly recommend Ms. Delene and her program to any corporate setting.”


Wells Fargo Wealth Advisors

”I began working with Ms. Delene first with a Feng Shui consultation, which then progressed to one-on-one coaching, and eventually, she facilitated the whole team. We needed more direction and guidance in shaping our business and she was great to work with. Ms. Delene is an astute listener and change agent. She can see a situation and help modify or rectify it. She possesses a strong intuitive ability and read a person quite well. We worked together for over eight years. During that time, she helped me to visualize my business, calmed me through rough patches and helped me to understand myself and my own ability to be a leader. She helped me transform by learning how to manifest…to keep goals in front, visualize results, grow by believing in oneself. I’m more focused on what I want. I’m being true to myself as a business leader. Her process works well on challenges and opportunities. I attended one of her retreats that I will never forget. She taught me to work through issues with not only the mind but more importantly, the heart. To listen to the heart is the path.”


1000-Petals, LLC

”My company was growing and I needed help really forming my identity. Ms. Delene and I worked together for multiple years. She was instrumental in my company’s expansion – it has tripled in size both physically and financially. I really enjoyed working with her. She is able to take in a lot of information and put it into a system. With her assistance, she pushed me to think bigger, helped us stay focused and clear, prioritize the work, delegate and train others, and establish systems so we could go deep with the work. One of the biggest changes is my belief in myself as a mindful leader. With her support, I have stepped into my leadership role in creating a team of women that feels empowered and clear on their roles in the company. While she provided deep clarity around my business goals, she was also patient. I am fire and able to create and expand quickly. She taught me the importance of not burning out myself or my team. Ms. Delene is a fantastic facilitator and created a space for our team to connect at a deeper level and explore what really matters. Our team was able to clarify purpose and direction not only for the organization but also for ourselves as individuals. We all left our meetings feeling inspired and grounded in the next steps. She empowered my team members to be invested and excited about the work. Deep gratitude to have taken the time to have fun with my team, move and breathe together. I appreciate her combination of the elements, and mindfulness practices as that integration resonated with me deeply. It was wonderful to take an assessment of myself and the team to see where the business needed support. Ms. Delene cared and still cares about the mission of our work and continues to be an advocate for us. I feel deeply blessed to have worked together.”


Touchstone Mental Health

“This whole process is fantastic. By meeting with us individually first then moving to the joint session, focusing on the mission while utilizing our passion, creativity, and the unique things we all brought to the table. This is such a fluid process and can gain such momentum. What a great investment it is. Personally, I am getting a high return on this investment as I believe our organization is too.”


Feng Shui Institute Of Midwest

“A wonderful evening was had by all at our annual Feng Shui meeting. I am so pleased to have been witness to such delightful sashaying around the floor with eloquence, ease, and enjoyment. Thank you so much from everyone in the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest who has been part of an evening filled with a most unique and pleasurable experience, made so by your added presence and our sheer enjoyment of watching you dance with Adam and presenting a most enlightened evening.”

More detailed achievements, references and testimonials are confidentially available to clients upon request.